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So, yeah, no one has updated in well over 6 months, What happened to everyone!?
Anyone excited that the school year is in it's final days?
Anybody have a good spring break?
Who is ready for next school year to start already?

*crickets chirping*
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heyyyyy!!!! :D thanks everyone for joining!!! hows everyones school year!!!

and btw. sophmores have been unfairyly taken awy from the spirit stick both pep rallies. we deserved to winn!!!

anyway........................soooo hows schooooooool!?


to the one and only

wow this is cool, theres been alot of ppl added and posting so thats awesome, im proud of the girl that made this community and i just want to say i dont know where i would be with out you during highschool . i love you . happy september 21st . best day ever! other then the day i met you .

- Daniel


What grade? 10th
Name? Savannah Altvater
Age? 15(gonna be 16 in 13 days!)
Clubs? Math Team, Symphonic Band
Sports? Marching band, Soccer, Tennis

So yeah, I'm new here. Just found it through the band community that died a long time ago...like the message boards *emo tear*

ppl should pay more attention to the band, cause we roq

Hey everyone.
Wow, was I really the perkiest person ever tonight, I mean I was hyyyyyper, and there is a gnat on my computer screen..totally random junk just flys outta my mouth right now...yeah.
UMMMMMMMMMMMM.... everyone else had a football game tonight, and it really sucks, cause I *enphysis on the I* wanted us *enphysis on us* to have a football game tonight. I mean we would only had the first number on the field, but that is ok, and we'd kinda suck at some standstunes, so we'd have our kick butt drumline play a whole crud load of cadences!lol. Anyways, next Friday is our first game, going to be so totally awesome, cause we have both numbers marching on the field and the second number playing should be a piece of cake! We gotta get some more standstunes down and we're good, I gotta find a flip-folder and liar for myself, cause I need the fingerings for like Fight Song, and Alma Mater(yes i know, give me a break, new instrument ppl), ummmm..... and the rest are ok I guess...of course Rockin Robin kicks booty, I lluuuvvv the walking bass line in it... UMMMM...yeah that's it for that.
Well, I've confirmed I'm tryin out for all-state band... but not concert, just jazz, cause I can't find the book for the concert pieces...soooo, I shall be able to focus more on jazz-izle-ness babii.Teehee. I may have to use the school bari seeings as it is easier to get the high above staff D out of than my bari..?Yeah..that is right.
Alrighty, I'm done now...buh-byes..Luv,Kristina
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Hey What;s Up.

So umm, i saw the community and i thought i should join it, cause...i go to north.
so my info? who wants to know?

What grade? 12th
Name? Juan Gomez
Age? 17
Clubs? Marching Band, Wind Ensamble, Jazz Band.
Sports? Marching band

So if you havent already guessed imma band nerd, saxophone is my life i plan on goin to the air force to play for them if i can pass the audition, but other then that its all good. so im out PEACE!! p.s. if i know ne of u that rnt in band leave a comment or somethin.
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Info...about this Red Knight

What grade? 11th
Name? Kristina Pemberton
Age? 16, 17 in November
Clubs? Marching Band, Troubadors, SGA, Conscience Alliance, maybe SADD this year,depending on when meetings are!
Sports? Marching band...that's it.
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